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TheLifeMC is a survival server focused on bringing a unique aspect to Minecraft survival while still maintaining the usual Minecraft feel. Work your way through 100 ranks while earning special perks, items, and permissions all while leveling up special skills and abilities. What are you waiting for? Join us now! If in need of support, you can join our Discord server by visiting this link or you can contact us directly by emailing us at

Main Features

100 Ranks
Work your way through 100 ranks to upgrade, expand, and grow

Buy and sell everything you need to and from the server and player shops

Custom Enchantments
Earn up to 17 different and balanced custom enchants while playing on TLMC

Mini Games
TLMC Is the proud owner of 6 different popular minigames

Land Claiming
Protect and control all of your land with our full feature land protection

Earn money for performing any normal Minecraft action such as crafting or mining

Level up your skills to start unlocking special abilities and perks

As you earn points from completing tasks on the server, you can start purchasing Crate Keys for a chance to win exclusive items

Feeling lucky? Test your chances by purchasing a ticket for a lottery draw every hour

Simple Sleeping
Once 25% of the server is sleeping, night will automatically be changed to day

Silk Spawners
Have a silk touch equipped pickaxe? You can mine any spawner you come across with it!

EXP Bottling
Bottle your exp with "vanilla-like mechanics" by clicking on an emerald block while holding a glass bottle

Much More!

Join today using the IP ""

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