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    Interested in Staff?

    Are you interested in becoming a staff member on TheLifeMC? We are currently an invite only team so we're not accepting any applications, but there are a few things you can do to make sure you get our attention (and maybe receive an invite). Make sure you're consistently doing the following if...
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    TheLifeMC Art Gallery

    Make sure you have at least 12 open inventory spaces before purchasing a picture from the art gallery (you will receive this picture split up into maps, place these maps in item frames to display your picture)! Use "/art" to get started! Picture #1 Picture #2 Picture #3 Picture #4...
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    TheLifeMC Latest News

    TheLifeMC TheLifeMC is a survival server focused on bringing a unique aspect to Minecraft survival while still maintaining the usual Minecraft feel. Work your way through 100 ranks while earning special perks, items, and permissions all while leveling up special skills and abilities. What are...
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    TheLifeMC Lands Guide

    This will be a simple guide explaining how to use TLMC's Land Claiming Features If you notice something that isn't explained well or something that's missing from the guide, just let any member of staff know and we'll get this guide updated ASAP. Special thanks to VulpesDaemon for helping with...
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    TheLifeMC Forums Rules

    TheLifeMC Forums Rules - All Discord and Server rules apply to the Forums. - No offensive content or profanity. - Trolling, abuse, derailing flaming or flame-baiting is not allowed. - Do not advertise other servers outside of TLMC. - Do not bump excessively. (More than once every 24 hours) - Do...
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    TheLifeMC Discord Rules

    General Rules - Usernames and avatars must not contain offensive or inappropriate content. - All users and staff members should be respected – no arguing or bullying. - Do not impersonate any users or staff members. - Staff are responsible for the moderation of the server – if they find any...
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    Player Report Format

    How To Report a Player In order to report a play, you must know the rule they have broken AND have proof that they broke the rule. Without a specific broken rule or proof, please do not create a thread reporting a player. You can report someone for breaking a rule on the server, Discord, or...
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    Bug Reports Format

    Found a bug? We work hard to improve the server to create a fun gameplay experience, but unfortunately there will be a bug pop up every once in a while. If you happened to be the one to discover a bug, this is the place to report it. Copy the format below and create a new thread to report the...
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    Suggestions Format

    We're always looking to improve! If you have any ideas to improve the server, copy the format below and then create a new thread with your suggestion. The title should be something that identifies your suggestion from the rest such as "Jobs - Additional block ideas" or "Grammar correction for...
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    TheLifeMC Ranks 1-100 Rewards

    Here is the full list of all TLMC rank rewards. Beware, opening the spoiler will make this page very long!
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    Staff Application Format

    Thank you for your interest in joining the TLMC Staff Team! Currently, we are looking for people to fill all positions and to bring something new and special to the server. When submitting an application, be sure to follow the format and answer each question to the best of your ability while...
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    TheLifeMC Current Staff Members

    Here is a current list of all staff members on TheLifeMC. Owner JesusChrist Admin Bimay Larry htyas Head Moderator VulpesDaemon Moderator Elf0ed ElricOvChaos Animaediamond Tripherian
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    TheLifeMC Voting Links

    Here are the voting links for TheLifeMC! Voting helps out the server by gaining a larger reach to more players and helps build the server reputation AND you are rewarded for helping! For every vote, you will be rewarded with the following: $100 10 Points Click Me For Voting Site #1 Click Me...