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    Ban Appeals

    Please post your ban appeals here by clicking "Report" and comment with your IGN and reason why you were banned. An admin will respond to you within 7-10 business days. Thank you.
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    TLMC Server Rules

    NOTE: Rules will be changed, removed or added to ensure they are still relevant. It is the job of the player to ensure they are up to date on the rules. 1.1: Racism and Homophobia not will be tolerated and will result in an immediate Ban - 1.2: No Advertising. - 1.3: Hacking, Creation of Lag...
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    1/16/21 Server Update Poll #1

    That is the thought, the whole idea is to not distract from the vanilla feel of the world we have now unless you absolutely want to leaving the choice in the players hands. That being said, the items would not change that because we already have custom enchantments on our items. There won't be...