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Thank you for your interest in joining the TLMC Staff Team!

Currently, we are looking for people to fill all positions and to bring something new and special to the server. When submitting an application, be sure to follow the format and answer each question to the best of your ability while using correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation. We look forward to new people joining the team!

To submit your application, copy the format below and create a new thread under the Staff Applications section. Paste the format and go through and answer each of the questions. Your application will be rejected automatically for any of the following reasons: the formatting is not followed, simple grammar rules are not followed, application posted in the wrong section, any form of plagiarism, asking staff members to read your application, you just joined the server, etc.

When reading other people's applications, feel free to respond with why or why not you think that certain person would be a good fit for staff. Be honest and respectful if responding to other people's applications. When submitting an application, also feel free to encourage other players to respond and give their input to your application. If you have good vouches from friendly and trustworthy people on TLMC, you have a better chance and getting your desired position.

Good luck to everyone and we look forward to working with new people!

Application Format

1) What is your Minecraft username?

2) What is your Discord username?

3) What is your current age?

4) What time zone are your located in?

5) What is your average daily playtime on the server?

6) What position are you looking for? (Helper, Moderator, Builder, GFX Artist, Developer, Streamer/Youtuber, Community Manager, etc)

7) Do you have any previous experience with the role you're applying for?

8) In what ways have you already been helping the server?

9) In what ways do you plan on helping the server in the future?

10) Why should we accept your application?

11) Is there anything else that would be worth mentioning about yourself or anything you would like us to know before we review your application?
Not open for further replies.