TheLifeMC Forums Rules

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TheLifeMC Forums Rules

- All Discord and Server rules apply to the Forums.
- No offensive content or profanity.
- Trolling, abuse, derailing flaming or flame-baiting is not allowed.
- Do not advertise other servers outside of TLMC.
- Do not bump excessively. (More than once every 24 hours)
- Do not Necropost (This means replying to an old thread that needs no further discussion)
- Do not double-post (use the edit button instead).
- NEVER put strange links of which we cannot verify the safety.
- Don't occupy on ban issues that are not relevant to you. If you have something of value to say about someone else's ban, please contact staff privately, don't spread it on the forums.
- Do not create alt accounts. This includes creating alt accounts to avoid bans, like-boost, or troll alt accounts.
- Do not be rude/offensive to other people.
- Do not use inappropriate or vulgar words.
- Do not use other languages outside of English.
- Do not ask other players for their personal (IRL) information.
- Do not use inappropriate profile pictures.
Not open for further replies.