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This will be a simple guide explaining how to use TLMC's Land Claiming Features

If you notice something that isn't explained well or something that's missing from the guide, just let any member of staff know and we'll get this guide updated ASAP.

Special thanks to VulpesDaemon for helping with this guide.

1. Starting out
To get started creating your first Land, execute the command /lands create <name>. (Note: If you do not include a name when creating your land, your username will be used.) When you create a Land, the chunk you are currently standing in will be claimed. To continue claiming more land, you can use the command /claim or if you have multiple lands, /claim <name>. It's important to remember that all land claims are done chunk by chunk (press F3+G to view chunk outlines).

Here are some important commands to know to help you manage your land most efficiently.
- "/lands" (Opens main GUI for Lands)
- "/lands create <name>" (Creates a land with selected name)
- "/lands claim <name>", "/claim" (Claims a chunk for your land)
- "/lands delete <name>" (Deletes selected land)
- "/lands unclaim", "/unclaim" (Unclaims the chunk you're standing in)
- "/lands trust <player>" (Trusts a player to your land)
- "/lands untrust <player>" (Untrust a player from your land)
- "/lands edit <name>" (Enters edit mode for specific land)
- "/lands view" (View the borders of the land you're standing in)
- "/lands setspawn" (Set the spawn for your land)
- "/lands spawn <name>" (Teleports to the spawn of a land)
- "/lands rename <name>" (Rename your land)
- "/lands invites" (Check available land invites)
- "/lands map" (Displays the Lands map)
- "/lands leave <name>" (Leave a selected land)
- "/lands info <name>" (Displays information on a Land)
- "/lands accept <land>" (Accepts invite to a land)
- "/lands deny <land>" (Denies invite to a land)
- "/lands top" (Displays top Lands - Ordered by the size of the land)

2. Adding Your Friends!
After you create your own land (or have permission in another), you'll be able to add your friends and other players to your lands. If you add a player to your land, they will be able to build and interact within the claim. You can add people to the claim with /land trust <name>. This will send an invite to your friend for joining the selected land. (Note: You can also invite/trust players to your land from inside the Lands Management GUI) Your friend can accept or deny your invite by using /land accept <name> or /land deny <name>. You can look at all the claims you've been invited to by using /land invites or from within the Lands Main Menu. Once you and your friends are in the same land, you can privately chat with each other by using the command /lands chat <land> <message>.

3. Multiple Lands
As you rankup, you will start to gain access to creating more lands and gaining more claims for each land. You can create more lands by using /land create <name>. The land that you are claiming and trusting people in with the /land trust and /land claim will be the most recent land you created, but you can use /land edit <name> to switch which land you are claiming and trusting people on. Each land you make will have a set spawn at the first chunk you claimed. You can change this spawn by using /land setspawn. This will set the spawn of the land you are currently on and you can use /land spawn <name> to travel to the spawn of that land.

4. Land Menu
There are many settings you can edit for each land you've created. If you use /lands you will get a full list of lands you've created (marked with a grass block) and lands you've been added to (marked with a dirt block). There are several options you can edit in each land. In the lands menu you will see several icons such as Areas, Trusted Players, Land Settings, and Roles. In Trusted Players you are able to see everyone who has accepted invites to your land and what Role they have (which dictate the permissions they have on your land - all of which are completely editable). The Roles menu allows you to choose what permissions players have on your land. (Note: The Visitors Role allows you to choose what permissions players have that are not apart of the land.) The Land Settings menu will allow you to change settings for your land as a whole such as tnt griefing and monster spawning.

Also in the land menu will be a menu called Various and in this menu you will be able to change the name or the message that appears under the name when you enter the land. (You can also use /land rename <name> to just rename your land.)

5. Areas
Areas are a way to section up your land maybe for specific parts of a build or for multiple players to play on one land without worrying about griefing each other. First open your land menu with /Lands and click on the areas item. Now click on the add area button and enter the area name in chat. After that, you will notice that the area will popup in the menu and give you instructions how to set the size of it. Make the selection with the left and right mouse buttons (It will display it to you live). You can make changes/adjustments as you wish. After you have the perfect selection, execute /Lands selection assign. By opening the areas menu again and clicking on the area, you can trust players to this specific area and edit specific area flags. Everything you can edit for the full land is also available to manage the smaller areas/sub-sections of your land.
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