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TheLifeMC New Update

Welcome to the updated version of TheLifeMC! This update includes many changes to the server, which includes the removal of many features that classified us as an "economy" server. The new server is focused purely on the survival aspect of Minecraft with minor changes introduced to enhance the survival gameplay. (Connect with

Aside from the changes made to the gameplay of TLMC, many backend changes have been made including an entire server recode which enables the server to expand into a network. (We plan to officially expand into a network early 2021, but the changes that have been made with this update were absolutely critical to begin the process)

With this new update/server, a new Discord server has also been made. This is to create a fresh environment for players of the new server to communicate without the confusion of mixing up the old and new TLMC (all irrelevant posts on this website have also been cleared to help avoid confusion). To access the new Discord server, use the command "/discord" in game.

TheLifeMC Old Server

With this new server update, unfortunately we have had to completely reset the server in order to make the necessary changes to enable our growth and expansion in the future. This is of course the biggest downside to making any major change to a project such as this, so instead of doing a full server reset, we have instead decided to split the server.

The new server update will be a new (and the main) fork of TheLifeMC while the old TLMC that many of you are used to will remain up and running under the ip "". This server will continue to be available for all players but will no longer be maintained and updated.

Purchases Made On Server Store

All purchases that have been made on the TLMC Store before 11/10/2020 will continue to be valid on the old server (all purchases made after this date will only be available on the new server). Upon request, you will be provided with a coupon for the new TLMC Store that is equal of your original purchases from the old TLMC plus an extra 25% (you will still keep your original rank on the old server). Contact me personally on Discord for your coupon code @ Bimay#5623.

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