TheLifeMC Server Rules

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Chat Rules

- No scamming
- No spamming
- No advertising
- Be respectful. If you said something that is offensive to another player, apologize and do not repeat it.
- Profanity is allowed to a certain extent. Do not go out of your way to say something offensive to or about another player.
- No toxic behaviour. This includes insulting each other, bullying, threatening, encouraging violence, hate speech, etc.
- No impersonating other players from use of nick names, land names, etc.
- No sharing personal information of others.
- No sharing links that include any form of malicious content.
- Only English in global chat. If you'd like to speak a different language, use the message feature in-game.

Game Rules

- Only one account per player. No alternate accounts.
- No spawn camping.
- It's forbidden to make or do any kind of teleport traps that may kill players.
- No cheats or hacked clients. This applies to auto-clickers and macro keys that provide an unfair advantage. (Optifine and other performance improvement mods are allowed along with minimap mods that only show terrain, not players).
- No intentionally causing lag including redstone "lag machines" or from sending packets from outside machines.
- Abusing server errors and exploits is not allowed. If caught taking advantage of any server bugs or exploits is punishable by a permanent ban.
- No afk machines or any mechanism which purpose is to prevent you from registering as afk.
- No inside jobs. If trusted in a claimed area, you may not take the items or destroy anything on the claimed land without the owner of the lands permission.
- Griefing is not allowed. Do not destroy land around another persons claimed area. Do not create tnt craters. Do not create large walls of water or lava (including mixing them for cobblestone). No mass spawning of entities including mobs, boats, minecarts, etc. Do not destroy wilderness with tnt craters or any other type of unappealing landscaping. Do not claim block from other claims (do not claim around other claims with the intention of making it where they can not expand their current claim).
- Raiding is allowed in unclaimed areas, even if it's near a claimed area. Raiding defined on TLMC, is the act of taking valuable items out of chests or off of the land. For example, you may take items out of chests (but do not destroy the chests or this will be considered griefing), you may take diamond blocks out of the walls or from a beacon, etc. You may not destroy land for simply destroying it.
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