TLMC Server Rules

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NOTE: Rules will be changed, removed or added to ensure they are still relevant. It is the job of the player to ensure they are up to date on the rules.

1.1: TheLifeMC is not responsible for loss of items upon death unless deemed necessary by an Admin on the server.

1.2: Griefing is defined as the destruction of an area or place already built by another player or anywhere around it. This will result in an immediate Ban with no ban repeal eligibility.

1.3: Stealing loot from a chest inside an unclaimed area is allowed and will be the fault of the player who failed to claim their land.

1.4: Hacking, Creation of Lag Machines, and use of Glitches will result in an automatic IP Ban.

1.5: Staff will not abuse power and will maintain the integrity of the TheLifeMC.

1.6: The highest Staff rank on the Server will always be the final say in any decision that needs to be made regarding punishment where then the lower ranking Staff must state a case to the higher ranking Staff before making a decision.

1.7: Racism and Homophobia not will be tolerated and will result in an immediate Ban.

1.8: Trolling & Spamming will result in a Warning. 2 Warnings will result in a temporary mute, and 3 will result in a Temporary Ban.

1.9: Issues should be resolved amongst players and attempt to keep it at the lowest level possible. If you feel you cannot go to a Staff member or are being treated unfair. Report the issue directly to either the Head Moderator, an Admin, or JC.

1.10: If you decide to give money to a player and they do not give the money back. The only person responsible is yourself for trusting a random stranger on the internet. Do not report these issues.

1.11: Iron Farms and Melon Farms also known as "Money Farms" are acceptable as long as they do not create a lag machine. In the event they are suspected of lagging the server the logs will be checked and the farm will be deleted.

1.12: Do not ask for items, money, points etc. This will result in a temporary mute.

1.13: Do not use the excuse of not reading the rules before you break them. There is no excuse not to read the rules.(edited)

1.14: No Inside Jobs: The definition of this is a player who pretends to befriend another player to steal their stuff, kill them, grief them etc. This will result in an automatic IP Ban.(edited)

1.15: Swearing is allowed as long as it is not malicious in a form, it will then be considered trolling (Refer to 1.8)(edited)

1.16: Players may attack each other. But will not camp outside of a land claim to do so. This will result in a temp ban.(edited)

1.17: Do not disclose information about yourself or where you live to other players for your own safety.

1.18: Disclosing information about religion and political views is distasteful, with that being said it is not against the rules but don't be surprised when people don't care or don't want to talk about it. Everyone has an opinion.

1.19: Do not tp to people to kill them. This will result in a ban.

1.20: No Advertising.

2.1: If you are associated with someone who is breaking the rules you are equally responsible for the rules they have broken.

2.2: No Exploiting Glitches in Game.

2.3: Do not impose or ask people about personal opinions including there ways of life IE views on life etc. As long as they follow the rules on the server it does not matter. Refer to 1.18. Everyone has their own opinions. We are here to play minecraft together as a friendly community. Be friendly with each other.

2.4: All players are treated equally when breaking the rules.

2.5: Do not be Vulgar. This includes excessive conversations sexual in nature. If someone is, please report them to me directly and they will be given a warning depending on what the chat log states. No one is exempt from this rule. There are children who play in the TLMC community and giving them exposure to conversations such as this is not going to happen.

2.6: Please speak English in the Server. This rule is put in place because English is the general language used on this server and it allows Staff to understand what players are talking about and if players are breaking other rules. You are still able to /msg other players in a different language there is nothing wrong with that. Staff will ask a player nicely to speak english and if asked why they will be referred to the rules in hopes of their understanding

Do not argue with any staff and the decisions/punishments they make if you have broken the rules. Contact me personally on Discord if you feel you've been treated unjust. jesuschrist317#4365
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